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Combat Journals of the Pytheas

Today’s Discovered pulls an excerpt from the personal journal of Lt. Commander Mark Derren, pilot of the Naval Pathfinder and Exploration Ship Pytheas, as he flew a mission into the Vanduul-controlled system designated ‘Viking.’


2883-08-01_07:12 SET

LOCATION: Boro, Crion, Caliban

Assignment came through late last night. Turns out McManus is out with some kind of stomach flu, so we got the draw. That’s all right though. Boro’s too damn cold this time of year and for some reason the heat in the barracks has been cutting off in the middle of the night.

Briefing went as expected. Looks like we’re going to log some time in Viking. Chief said the early warning systems had been quiet of late, so we’re using the opportunity for an overhaul. Sounded pretty straight-forward. Secondary objective would be to monitor Viking for signs of Vanduul Clan activity.

Saved the worst for last, I’m getting paired with Teague as my second. Three weeks on the drift … I don’t know if I’ll make it. On the plus side, if we do get cornered, I can throw him at the ‘duul as a distraction. I’m sure he’ll yammer at them long enough for me to get away.

Headed to the quartermaster to double-check our supplies for the op. Everything looked in order. By the time I got to the hangar to step through the ship, Teague was already there. I recognized the glazed look in the Flight Mechanic’s eyes as Teague rattled on about how to properly flush the fuel systems. I knew I’d have the same look in a matter of hours.

Launched shortly after zero-seven SET. Teague was strapped in the back. As we pierced atmo and rose to the black, I got that charge. The one that’s been with me ever since I first left planet. To this day, I still can’t decide whether it’s a charge...
Reverse the Verse: Episode 2.3 - CIG Austin
This week, join Lead Vehicle Artist Chris Smith and Director of the Persistent Universe Tony Zurovec from CIG Austin as we discuss the Hornet F7A and NPC systems seen in this week’s Around the Verse.

— Watch it LIVE on twitch.tv/cigcommunity

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Gamescom 2016 is almost here, and Star Citizen’s presence will be bigger and better than ever. This time around, we have a booth on the show floor where anyone interested can see and try the latest Star Citizen Alpha. Some of our best community streamers will be on hand to share the game with everyone who can’t make it to Cologne. That’s all leading up to the main event on Friday night, where Chris Roberts will share the latest on Star Citizen’s development (and a few surprises) with a backer-only crowd! Chris’ presentation will be livestreamed. Whether you’re attending the event or following from home, all the details you need are available in this post. We look forward to showing you what’s next!

Gameplay Streaming from the Showfloor

Beginning on Wednesday, August 17th we’ll be streaming five days of live Star Citizen game play directly from the our Show Booth in Hall 9 on the Gamescom floor. Hosted by CIG and members of the Star Citizen Twitch Community, tune in to see the latest Star Citizen game play, interviews with developers and fans alike, and have your chance to win digital goods like hangar flair, game packages, and spaceships.

Watch live at twitch.tv/starcitizen on the following days and times:

12pm to 6pm CEST
3am to 9am PDT
10am to 4pm UTC
10am to 6pm CEST
1am to 9am PDT
8am to 4pm UTC
10am to 5pm CEST
1am to 8am PDT
8am to 3pm UTC
10am to 6pm CEST
1am to 9am PDT
8am to 4pm UTC
10am to 6pm CEST
1am to 9am PDT
8am to 4pm UTC

Fourth Annual Gamescom Presentation and Party

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August Subscriber Flair!

Greetings Subscribers!

This month’s Subscriber Flair is the MISC Reliant ship model! This realistic ship model from Takuetsu Starships, the most trusted name in ship models, is the fourteenth in a collection of Star Citizen’s ships. Display your Reliant with pride, and then collect other models to complete the display.

If you’re an active subscriber, the flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the Reliant model will be attributed to your account on Monday August 15th! More information about subscriptions can be found here!

Please note that the models will be distributed to your accounts today, but they will not show up in the hangar until Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 is available on the live service.

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Around the Verse: Episode 3.3 - Austin
This week, join our Austin Studio where we find out what’s new in Star Citizen, enjoy a fire side game design chat with Tony Z, then take a look at a new ship ready to enter our universe!

01:22 – Studio Update
08:32 – MVP with Tyler Witkin
09:18 – Behind the Scenes: NPC
19:13 – Ship Shape: Hornet F7A

MVP: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/5366-Dogfight-Vector-Art

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Bugsmashers! Episode 30
A through look at what goes into fixing the bugs that crop up in video game development with host, Programmer Mark Abent.

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Auto-Transcript for S&P and NFSC Submission

EP:60:56 : “Scarcity Theory …”

ERIA QUINT: Hello and welcome to Showdown, your source for balanced debate on some of the Empire’s biggest and most critical issues. I’m your host and moderator, Eria Quint.

Since Nicholas Croshaw’s first interstellar jump, Humanity’s Powers-That-Be have continually pursued a policy of expansion farther and deeper into the stars. With well over three dozen systems under its control, the Empire still spends a considerable amount of credits and resources on exploratory missions each year. The question we put forth today: should the government continue to push a policy of star acquisition or should we focus our efforts inwards on the systems that we already have? My two guests hold differing opinions on which path will offer the brightest future to our species.

Allow me to first introduce Dr. Janelle Taglion, author of “Scarcity Theory,” a recent paper published in the Journal of Imperial Economics that proposes that the Empire has expanded as far as it feasibly can while continuing to sustain itself. Welcome, Dr. Taglion.

DR. TAGLION: I’m delighted to be here, Eria.

ERIA QUINT: Also with us today is lead researcher at the Imperial Cartography Center and expansion advocate Darcy Lizu. Good to have you here.

DARCY LIZU: Please, call me Darcy. Real pleasure to be on the show. Thrilled to have a chance to discuss this important issue with you and Dr. Taglion.

ERIA QUINT: Then let’s get right to it, shall we? Dr. Taglion, for those out there who haven’t yet had a chance to read your work, could you summarize your theory and explain why you think the UEE may be on the cusp of over-extending itself?

DR. TAGLION: Glad to. It all comes down to resource availability and...
BTS: Persistent Effects
Greetings Citizens,

The attached article was originally printed in the June, 2016 issue of Jump Point. With the arrival of 2.40, there’s been a lot of talk about persistence in the game, and Jump Point didn’t want to be left out. This issue, we sat down with devs from the UK, Austin, Montreal and LA, to talk about what exactly persistence is, and how it is already affecting the rest of the design.

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Monthly Studio Report: July 2016

Greetings Citizens.

We’re officially in the second half of 2016 now, and the already impressive progress on Star Citizen and Squadron 42 continues to speed up and cover more ground every month as more and more game systems, design systems, build systems and staff come online. For Star Citizen, a lot of this month focused on development for Alpha 2.5, 2.6 and even 2.7. For Gamescom and CitizenCon, work continues on demos that showcase systems coming online in those patches and beyond. For a better look at what that all entails, let’s dive right in.

CIG Los Angeles

Cloud Imperium Los Angeles


The engineering team have been helping stabilize SC Alpha 2.5.0 to ensure improved game play across several systems while continuing to chew away at the new ItemSystem. Almost all elements of our ships fall under this system, from seats to ladders to doors, etc. which makes it a major undertaking. We had David Bone Gill in from the UK because one of the many aspects of this new system is the interface and how that ties the whole experience together. His visit was incredibly bountiful and yielded many efficient solutions to how we’re going to make it all work nicely and we hope Bone comes back really soon.

Our own Senior Physics Engineer John Pritchett is hard at work on our Atmospheric Flight. This is quite an undertaking because everything that makes a ship fly from outer space to the surface of any planet has to be calculated precisely to give you the realistic feel of descending onto a new world while taking into consideration your ships specific flight mechanics.

Tech Design

Tech Design has been...
Reverse the Verse: Episode 2.2 - Foundry 42 UK
This week, join Vehicle Art Director Nathan Dearsley and Gameplay Programmer Gordon McLean from Foundry 42 UK we discuss catastrophic damage to capital ships and FPS cover systems seen in this week’s Around the Verse.

— Watch it LIVE on twitch.tv/cigcommunity

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