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A big hello and welcome to this week’s Spectrum Spectator. I’m Lars Gonall and with me as always is the indomitable force that can only be described as Daisy Wences.

Daisy: I’m basically the Human equivalent of the Retribution.

That explains all the blown up Vanduul ships I keep finding outside.

Daisy: It’s important to have a hobby.

But who’s got time for a hobby when there’s so many vids to watch.

Daisy: Good segue. You’ve been practicing.

Everyday. I take this hosting stuff seriously. Speaking of practicing —

Daisy: Two for two!

— GSN premiered Make It Count last night, a brand new show that goes behind the scenes with the Croshaw Jumpers and offers a glimpse into the week-to-week drama of an SBPL team. Rather than match highlights or anything like that, the show focuses on the struggles and triumphs of practices, the locker room and homelife of the coaches and players. I’m curious what you thought about this one, Daisy, since I know you hate sataball.

Daisy: You are 100% correct. I am not a fan of the sport, to put it mildly, so I was a little reticent going in, but when Duncan Mellen complained about someone parking in his landing pad for ten minutes or Thudder Gaterson hurt his knee during the practice skirmish, I found myself genuinely wrapped up in the Jumpers’ lives. I think because the focus was on the people rather than the game, this was definitely the most I’ve ever enjoyed watching something sataball-related.

Wait. Even more than Rough and Tumble?

Daisy: Even more than Rough and Tumble.

Okay, let’s slow up right there, Rough and Tumble is one of the greatest movies ever made, underdog sport genre or any genre. “Get to the hole, Tommy!” Hits my heart every time.

Daisy: Please. Bantuk the Banu’s accent? Lata Gravely’s supposed ‘uniform.’

I’m not saying it’s...
BTS: The DevOps Team
Greetings Citizens,

The attached article was originally printed in the May, 2016 issue of Jump Point. Learn more about the work our DevOps team does every day to keep Star Citizen moving forward!

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Monthly Studio Report: June 2016

Greetings Citizens!

Welcome to the June 2016 monthly report! June was a most excellent month for Star Citizen, with the release of Star Citizen Alpha 2.4.0 and the 2.4.1 followup patch. 2.4 added a number of forward-facing elements to the game, including shopping and our first large flyable ship (the Starfarer)… but it was even more important ‘under the hood’ as it introduced persistence to Star Citizen! Persistence is essential to making a constantly-evolving multiplayer world, and there’s a lot for us to build on in future patches.

We also launched the Drake Dragonfly this month, our so-called ‘space motorcycle’ and the community responded with excitement! These cool, little ships are going to be so much fun to play, we’re eager to see them running around Port Olisar (and then across the surface of our planets!)

We hope you’re enjoying your time in Crusader, and we appreciate the incredible effort the community has put into helping test these game builds. With a game as complex as Star Citizen, intended to be played by pilots around the world, there’s so much in the way of architecture and systems that needs thorough testing in the real world… so the thousands upon thousands of players who’ve submitted bug reports are truly appreciated. Here’s the monthly report:

CIG Los Angeles

Go West, Young Citizen

Summer is finally come and the heat is on; not just in Los Angeles but in the ‘Verse as well. We are already half way through 2016 and just like the changing of the seasons, there has been quite a bit of change in Star Citizen. So let us take a gander at what the Los Angeles office has been up to for the month of June....
Around the Verse: Episode 100.2

ATV turns 100! We tour the Foundry 42 UK offices, get an update on 2.5 and the GrimHex pirate station in News From Around the Verse, and check in on updates to the Bengal Carrier in Ship Shape.

00:48 – Intro
03:00 – F42 Manchester Office Tour
15:11 – NFATV
26:08 – Ship Shape: Bengal Carrier
30:39 – MVP with Tyler Witkin

GAMEPLAY INTRO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5zewWzfn8M

MVP: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/...nduul-Glaive-Graphite-Pencil-Drawing-On-Paper

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The Loremaker's Guide to the Galaxy - Terra System
In our tenth episode, Archivist Cherie Heiberg and Writer Adam Wieser from the CIG Lore Team explore the Terra System, center of the United Earth Empire.

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WIP: Prospector Development

Greetings Citizens,

The attached article was originally printed in the May, 2016 issue of Jump Point. It offers a comprehensive overview of how Cloud Imperium Games’ artists and designers developed the Prospector mining ship!

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Brought to you by Lost Squad. Hitting the Spectrum soon


July 5, 2793 SET

The Perry Line Pact

To many, the Perry Line was known as the interstellar barrier between Humanity and the Xi’An. Tactlessly named by Humanity after old deities of war, these eight systems never had a chance to be anything but a no man’s land. The Perry Line represented an even greater wall of distrust, separating our two great cultures from engaging in meaningful diplomacy.

That is, until 2789, when the bold Terran Senator Terrence Akari defied the Messers and breached the Perry Line to meet a Xi’An delegation on Tohil III led by Emperor Kray himself. Aware of Imperator Linton Messer XI’s weakening power base, Akari and Kray spent days hammering out the details of the famous treaty that bears their names.

On May 29, 2789, Senator Akari called for an emergency session of the Senate to present the peace accord and ordered an immediate vote, capitalizing on the Imperator’s recreational break in Goss. By the time word of the surprise session reached the Imperator, he was unable to rally his lackeys to block the procedure. The deal was narrowly approved.

Though the Senate’s vote was nonbinding without the Imperator’s signature, the people of the UEE overwhelmingly supported it, proving the populace was sick and tired of being on the brink of war. The demonization of the Xi’An had been one of the oldest plays in the Messers book, yet after over two hundred years without an overtly aggressive action against the UEE, few truly believed the Xi’An were the boogeymen the Messers made them out to be.

Still politics and reality often exist on different planes. The Xi’An demonstrated their commitment to the agreement by withdrawing all military forces from Perry Line...
Polo Shirts Now Available!

Greetings Citizens,

We’ve got a new shirt! Star Citizen polos are now available for pre-order through the RSI pledge store. We’ve developed a Star Citizen shirt that you can wear to work or to play! This light grey polo features 100% pre-shrunk high-grade cotton and the game’s logo embroidered on the chest. This is a pre-order, shirts are estimated to ship in September 2016.

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Around the Verse: Episode 100

ATV turns 100! Go behind the scenes with work on the female avatar, take a tour of the new LA studio, and chat with the team building the upcoming Drake Caterpillar.

01:15 – Intro
02:53 – NFATV
08:46 – ATV BTS: Female Character
11:19 – LA Tour
19:28 – Ship Shape: Caterpillar
21:36 – MVP with Tyler Witkin

GAMEPLAY BUMPER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v50WqsdM0NY

MVP: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/community/citizen-spotlight/4882-Star-Citizen-Emblems

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Bugsmashers! Episode 27
A through look at what goes into fixing the bugs that crop up in video game development with host, Programmer Mark Abent.

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