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Medical Gameplay
How It Works Today and What’s in Store for the Future

Following the vision for life and death mechanics detailed in Death of a Spaceman, and the announcement of the new RSI Apollo medical ship, this design post will bring details and clarification about what future medical gameplay will entail. While some elements have evolved from the manifesto written a few years ago, it is still very much the basis for how players will experience injury and death in the persistent universe, so is still a relevant read.

Read the original Death of a Spaceman (Feb 2013).

Taking care of injured players is one of the several non-combat oriented careers in Star Citizen and is an important element in building a believable universe. It’s crucial for us to make it a fun and impactful part of the game.

How Health Works in Alpha 3.2

In Alpha 3.2, we’re using a damage system that consists of ‘critical’ and ‘standard’ limbs. Each limb has its own health pool alongside the player’s global health. When a limb takes damage, both tick down and, if the global pool hits zero, the player dies.

When a limb takes damage, it crosses through several states: Normal (blank) → Hurt (yellow) → Damaged (red) → Ruined (black)

Once a limb enters one of these states, it may implement a negative effect on the player. For example, if the head is damaged, the player’s vision is blurred. If a leg is ruined, movement speed is reduced.

The head and the torso are both ‘critical’ limbs – if the health of either of these reaches zero, the player dies immediately. If other limbs are ruined but the global health pool is...
Ship Shape breaks out on it’s own! Host Jared Huckaby takes us on a tour of the ship making their way to the development pipeline with updates on the 890 Jump, the 300 series and an introduction to the new RSI Apollo medical ship.

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John Crewe, Paul Jones and Corentin Billemont join us this week for a discussion of the all-new RSI Apollo and the future of medical gameplay in the Star Citizen universe.

You’ll never get the upvotes, Jeremiah.

To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.

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A massive battle on Yela, flight improvements, and trouble at CryAstro in this week’s update.

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Scraping By

In anticipation of the release of the Vulture, Drake Interplanetary has coordinated with Discovered to provide a number of experienced scavengers early models to test in the field. Chosen from a pool of hundreds of applicants, archaeologist Lorenzo Chernov proposed the exploration of a secluded debris field he discovered in the Idris system.

Here are excerpts from his logs.


2948.02.17_05:48 SET

Ok, here we go. Day one of exploring. Wonder what I should call this place. If this was an official UEE Archaeological Society expedition, it’d probably get something generic, like ‘Debris Field 8514J-Idris system’. At least I’ve landed on a name for this new salvage ship. I think they’re officially calling it the Vulture, but this one feels like Amaira to me. I’d like to give a big shout out to the folks at Drake for letting me try it out. Of course, they did have a bunch of stipulations, including that I record this audio log to track my adventures and what I like about the ship, what could be improved, and so on.

Plus, if this debris field is truly more than just a bunch of modern scrap, like I believe it is, then they’ll also get credit for making this mission happen. Definitely couldn’t run this op without Amaira’s help. No way I could afford to outfit the expedition with a Reclaimer, let alone the cost of crewing one.

I finished a general set of scans yesterday, so there’s a clear picture of how all the pieces were found. Analyzing them last night, I noticed a few larger pieces of detritus near the middle. They look like parts of a fuselage, maybe even a cockpit. They might be my best bet to determine what ships were involved, and more importantly, what era this wreckage is from. The debris is really dense around those pieces,...
Hello everyone,

Last week we opened up Wave 2 of CitizenCon tickets, which are now available through July 30th. Alongside Wave 2, we also updated the RSI website with a new hub to meet all your CitizenCon needs. We’ll continue to add new content and information as we approach the event.

We closed out the week with the conclusion of our Origin 600i Commercial Contest. With 46 commercials submitted, this was one of the toughest competitions to judge yet. Alas the votes are in and the dust has settled – congratulations to the winners!

With that, let’s see what’s going on this week:

The Alpha 3.2 Flyable Ships promotion ends tonight at 11:59 PM Pacific, so if you’re looking to pick up one of the latest additions to the Star Citizen universe, you still have time.

Every week on Calling All Devs, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on Spectrum and voted for by YOU. Today, we shake things up and take full advantage of Live Game Director Todd Papy being in town with an all-Papy themed episode, available to watch now.

Tuesday is lore day! The Lore Team will publish another in-fiction story to help cure your craving for more Star Citizen lore. Check out previously published lore posts here.

Thursday will welcome another episode of Around the Verse where we’ll take a look at the latest Star Citizen news...
Star Citizen Live Game Director Todd Papy is in studio for a special ALL PAPY edition of our weekly Q&A series.

You can submit your questions for consideration in future episodes of Calling All Devs here.

And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions

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Senior Character Concept Artist Jeremiah Lee stops by to create a character with feedback and direction from the live viewership on Twitch, apparently pre-determined to be based on host Jared Huckaby as an excuse to bring his beard back.

It’s never coming back, Jeremiah.

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From turret improvements to environmental storytelling, get the scoop on what’s happening in Star Citizen now, as well as what the devs are working on for future patches.

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