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Chris Roberts is joined by Sean Tracy in this week’s episode, featuring 2018’s first installment of Ship Shape. Find out where ship ideas come from, meet the teams responsible for designing and developing them, and gear up for some high-speed thrills with the MISC Razor.

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Mark Abent is back, smashing bugs and taking names in a new season of Bugsmashers! In this episode, he shows us what goes into creating the framework that will allow multiple ships to spawn in-game with little-to-no lag.

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BECK: Welcome to Empire Report and thanks for joining us. I’m Beck Russum.

ALAN: And I’m Alan Nuevo. We begin today’s show by turning our attention to the Vanduul front. While the public is often regaled with stories about high level accomplishments, the incredible, personal stories of the starmen tasked with protecting the Empire are often overlooked.

BECK: Victoria Hutchins is in the Killian System to bring us one such story detailing the incredible journey home for a UEE Navy combat pilot.

VICTORIA: This massive hangar on Osha may not look like much, but for members of the military and their immediate family there’s no sweeter spot in the UEE. It’s here that one day each week, starmen step off transports, having completed their tour of duty in some of the most dangerous corners of the universe, to be reunited with their family. While these homecomings are typically filled with excited loved ones holding handmade signs, gracious government officials and even a military band, last night’s return of Lieutenant Commander Liam Nealey was a much different affair.

The usual pageantry was put on hold, as a support ship that normally carries supplies pulled into this hangar with Lt. Commander Nealey aboard. Only his wife, Anaya, daughter, Gabija, and a few high-ranking military officials were present. This emotional homecoming was arranged specifically for the pilot, who only days earlier had survived the unimaginable — being trapped alone in Vanduul space.

Empire Report was granted an exclusive interview so that he could share his harrowing story.

LIAM NEALEY: Thanks for having me. To be completely honest, at one point I never thought I’d ever make it back here.

VICTORIA: Lt. Commander Liam Nealey’s incredible journey home might...
Greetings Citizens

Greetings Citizens,

PAX South was over the weekend, and several developers from our Austin studio took the time to visit with the community at a nearby Bar Citizen. Thank you to everyone who came out. Great drinks and great company!

With that, lets see what’s going on this week:

Today is the premier episode of “Calling All Devs”, a weekly Q&A show where we take the most burning questions from Spectrum and get answers straight from the developer’s desk. Watch it here

Tomorrow, The Lore Team publishes a News Update feature providing new and original content on the Star Citizen Universe.

On Wednesday, Mark Abent is back with the first episode of “Bugsmashers!” this year. Catch up on what Mark has been working on since we launched Alpha 3.0 to the entire community.

On Thursday, Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host another installment of Around the Verse. This week, we’ll feature the MISC Razor in an all new Ship Shape. Make sure to tune in for the latest news on one of the ‘Verse’s fastest ships.

To wrap up the week, we’ll be back again with Reverse the ‘Verse. Join us live with Geoff Zanelli and host Disco Lando as they discuss the music of Squadron 42. We received a lot of positive feedback about the music during the SQ42 Vertical Slice, so this is your chance to ask him all about it. Start asking your questions here.

With that, we’ll see you in the ‘Verse!

Tyler Nolin
Community Manager

The Weekly Community Content Schedule...

Jared Huckaby pulls some of your most burning questions and poses them to our devs in the premier episode of our new weekly Q&A series.

You can submit your questions for consideration in future episodes of Calling All Devs here. Submission and voting is open to all backers.

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January 2948 Subscriber Flair


This month’s flair is part of our newest Takuetsu Universe series of replica figures. Get closer than you’d ever want with this stunning miniature Vanduul Warrior. Meticulously sculpted with a keen attention to detail, this poseable fighter comes with a fearsome Vanduul lance, traditionally used during boarding attacks.

Imperator Subscribers

Starting this year, Imperator-level subscribers will receive a variant of each flair item, along with the standard version.

If you’re an active subscriber, the flair will be attributed to your account today. If you subscribe over the weekend, the flair will be added to your account on January 15th. More information about subscriptions can be found here!

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Monthly Studio Report: December 2017
Greetings Citizens!

Welcome to the Monthly Studio Report, where we collect updates from our various studios around the world to show you what they’ve been working on this past month. In the rush up to the holidays, the entire company was focused on accomplishing two major tasks: pushing Star Citizen 3.0 to the Live Servers and polishing up work on the Vertical Slice, which featured an hour of gameplay from Squadron 42. Afterwards, everybody broke for some much needed rest before coming back to hit the New Year running. With that said, let’s get to it.
CIG Los Angeles



Alpha 3.0 was a monumental engineering milestone for Star Citizen, particularly for the LA vehicle team. During December, the first tier of Item 2.0 for ships was finalized with several bug fixes and important features closed out for 3.0. The team tackled a major hurdle with the integration of UI with this very complicated system. Finally, some of the underlying systems that play a huge role in Squadron 42 and the Persistent Universe (Scanning and Quantum Travel) saw some iteration and prototyping that they were really proud to bring to fruition.

As the 3.0 release came together, the core system team focused polishing and stabilizing some key parts of Star Citizen. Cargo and shopping saw significant bug fixes, bringing these features in alignment with long term goals. Infrastructural game code such as the room system, interaction system, and even damage saw significant bug fixes right up to the release.


LA Tech Design spent the majority of December getting the new Item 2.0 ships working as smoothly as possible for Star Citizen Alpha 3.0. They knocked out a multitude of...
Sandi and Chris host this week’s episode, featuring a studio update from our team in Austin, with an in-depth look at the Star Citizen publishing process.

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Galactic Guide: Kellog System

Galactic Guide: Kellog System


The Kellog System is known throughout the UEE as the home to both innocence and immorality. Centered around a G-type main sequence yellow dwarf, the system’s two inhabited planets stand in stark contrast to each other: Kellog II, Xis, is heavily guarded to protect the new species developing there, while Kellog VI, QuarterDeck, is heavily guarded to ensure the hardened criminals imprisoned there can’t escape.

Credit for Kellog’s discovery goes to navjumper Patek Coen, who uncovered the system in 2811. Unfortunately, Coen’s dream of living in a system he discovered never came to pass once initial surveys revealed that Kellog II was brimming with sapient life. Kellog quickly received protection under the Fair Chance Act and seemed destined to be a haven for researchers and scientists from throughout the Empire. However, that wound up not being the case; in less than five years, two jumps into Vanduul space were found.

The UEE knew Kellog needed an alert system to warn of Vanduul incursions. Increases in Navy personnel and standard proximity sensors were considered until Senator Daniela Agren (U-Idris) suggested another unusual option: converting Kellog VI into a prison planet. Senator Agren argued that such a facility would not only solve security concerns, but would do so for fewer credits and have many other additional benefits. With the heavy guard presence such an outpost would need, the prison could serve as a tripwire against Vanduul attacks while also isolating the Empire’s worst criminals. Still, Agren’s masterstroke in the plans for QuarterDeck was including a revenue-generating antimatter facility to be staffed by prisoners.

The Senate approved Agren’s plan, which has turned Kellog into the busiest Fair...
Q&A: Tumbril Nova – Part 2

Greetings Citizens,

Below are answers to the most voted questions in our Tumbril Nova Q&A thread posted last week on Spectrum. Thank you for taking the time to submit and vote. In case you missed our initial Tumbril Nova Q&A, you can find it here.

Please note that the Tumbril Nova is still a concept and the answers to these questions are subject to change based on internal balancing and community feedback.

Also, special thanks to Lead Technical Designer John Crewe for his help in answering your questions.

How does the driver see out of it? Does it have thermal/night vision?

The driver, along with all seats, has the ability to view through an external camera like the Super Hornet gunner. In addition to this there, is an armored flap that can slide open on the front of the vehicle to provide a natural view out, protected by armored glass.

How effective are EMPs against the Nova Tank?

While it is somewhat hardened against EMP strikes with its military grade components, a big enough EMP weapon will cause the same shutdowns as with our ships.

What will the fuel range on the Nova be like?

The Nova has an average range for its type, it is heavy and is unable to travel huge distances like dedicated exploration vehicles.

Why should I have a battle tank if nearly no ship can transport it into combat?

Ground vehicles can already be spawned planet-side, and a large proportion of ground vehicles usually never leave the planet they were spawned on originally.

Can the Nova realistically hold its own against ships like the Sabre and Hornet?

The missiles and laser repeaters on the Nova are...