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One man's look at flying solo

Greetings, fellow drifters! Welcome to my little spot on the Spectrum. For those tracking my travels, Shana and I just exited atmo above Asura. Got lucky and left when pollution levels were low, which gave me a good look planetside while burning into open space. Got to really see all the scars inflicted on Asura from centuries of mining. It’s strangely beautiful, actually. Too bad those mines left the world in such terrible shape otherwise.

Stifling pollution in the skies, and on the ground, criminals around every corner. Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch, but let’s just say Tram’s no place to get caught out alone at night. In fact, I planned my planetside excursion so I could get my business done and be off-world before nightfall.

For those of you wondering what business was worth all the trouble, well, this trip was more about civic duty than creds. As I’m sure some of you know, Asura is so unsafe because of the planetwide police strike. Now, part of the reason these hard-working, honest folks walked off the job is because the police don’t have enough firepower to keep the criminals in check.

So Kastak Arms has been stepping up where the local and UEE governments have fallen down. They’ve been donating weapons to law enforcement in the hopes that updated armaments will encourage the good guys to return to work. That means every once in a while Kastak is looking for haulers to do pro bono deliveries to the system. Now, I’d done the run once before, and figured I was due for another one to help these folks out.

Sometimes it’s important to remind yourself there are more problems out there than your own. But I’ve learned that knowing about a problem is only half the battle; you also have to do something about it. That’s why every few months I like to replace the normal goods I haul with the...
“If you’re doing this to strike it rich quick, forget it. Those are fairy tales. You wanna mine credits out of this rock, you better be willing to put blood, sweat and tears into it first.”
– Lonnie “Three Hand” Pardino’s Guide to Mining Alone

Greetings Citizens,

Set out to seek your fortune with the MISC Prospector! For years, the Prospector has been the universe’s preferred mining vessel for solo operators. Featuring MISC’s sleek design sensibility and a bevy of upgraded high-tech mining tools, the 2947 Prospector perfectly balances form and functional. Don’t miss out on what many consider to be the best solo mining vessel around! See why the MISC Prospector is one of the most popular, independently operated mining ship in the ’verse, and get yours today.

Exciting Career at Shubin Interstellar, APPLY NOW!

MISC Prospector

This 2947 MISC Prospector features a durable hull and four centrally located side saddle storage containers to provide a compact profile for traveling through precarious areas of space. Anyone who has excavated asteroids knows that maintaining a stable position is essential, so MISC improved the VTOL thrusters with technology from our exclusive Xi’An partnership to make them strong enough to ensure your ship stays exactly where it needs to be when snagging those small chunks of precious rock, but sensitive enough to skillfully navigate through dense clusters.

The improvements don’t just stop there. Underneath the ship, an upgraded scanner offers a wider search area than ever before without having to change position, while the award-winning retractable mining laser has been modified to help you find and extract ores from previously hard to reach places....
WIP: Sabre Development

Greetings Citizens,

The attached article was originally printed in the March, 2016 issue of Jump Point. It offers a comprehensive overview of how Cloud Imperium Games’ artists and designers developed the Sabre fighter for CitizenCon 2015!

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Around the Verse: Episode 2.28 - PROSPECTOR PROSPECTIVE

Part Two of our interview with Foundry 42’s Brian Chambers. Archivist Cherie Heiberg takes us on a tour of the Oberon System, and we get a first glimpse at the MISC Prospector.

01:57 – Intro
06:59 – News from Around the Verse
19:22 – ATV Interview: Brian Chambers
35:16 – ATV Rewind: Introducing the 2944 Aurora
37:21 – Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Oberon System
46:09 – MVP w/ Tyler Witkin
47:13 – ATV Fast Forward: AI Perception

Gameplay Bumper: https://www.twitch.tv/sgt_gamble/v/61314413

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Bugsmashers! Episode 23
Mark’s got jokes.

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April, 2946

Dear Citizen of Jalan,

Our deepest thanks for agreeing to participate in this important poll regarding the upcoming election on the 3rd of May SET. By taking a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire, you will not only be helping all of us at the Stoddard Research Center gain a more complete understanding of how Elysium IV is changing demographically, economically and politically, you will also be ensuring that your voice is heard.

We are a nonprofit and nonpartisan research group whose mission is to generate a foundation of data that enriches the public dialogue and supports sound decision-making not only in Elysium, but Empire-wide. To ensure that the information we generate is of the greatest value to policymakers and other Citizens, the Center is committed to conducting research in a manner that is impartial, open-minded and meets the highest standards of methodological integrity.

To this end, we encourage you to read each question thoroughly and consider each answer carefully. There are no right or wrong responses, but it is important that your opinions are accurately and truthfully reported.

This poll is intended for the Citizens of Jalan only. If you have received this poll in error, please disregard.

Please make sure to read all answer options fully before selecting a choice.

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Jump Point Now Available!

Attention development subscribers: the April 2016 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. This month’s Jump Point features the development of the massive Starfarer! That, plus a visit to the Nemo system, the history of Tarsus Electronics, behind the scenes with the Squadron 42 shoot and a new chapter in an exclusive Star Citizen short story! Grab your copy today.

Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here.

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Free Fly - Try Star Citizen Today

Greetings Citizens,

From time to time we like to open Star Citizen up to our fans, and provide access to ships they might not otherwise own. This is not only a great chance for players to try new ships out, but it helps provide additional testing for those ships, too!

In addition, it can be a great way to introduce new players to the growing universe of Star Citizen as well. For the next week until April 25th, we’ve enabled Free Fly access to all accounts in celebration of PAX East. While we won’t be there this year in person, any chance to celebrate Star Citizen sounds like a good idea to us! For the next week, anyone with a Star Citizen account will have access to the Aurora LN, the F7C Hornet, and the Mustang Delta. This Free Fly event gives new players access to three unique parts of the Star Citizen experience:

  • Star Citizen Alpha 2.3.1 – Also known as Crusader or the “mini-PU,” this is the nucleus of the world we’re building! Featuring multiple space stations and environments, scripted missions, places to explore and more, Alpha 2.3.1 is your first look at a much larger universe!
  • Arena Commander – Arena Commander is a ‘game within a game’ that we’ve used to develop our flight mechanics and ship combat balance. Take on human opponents or an AI swarm in single seat fighter.
  • Social Module – Interact with other players while you explore our first landing zone, ArcCorp! The Social Module is intended as a starting point for our world building,

You can register for an account here to get started. If you already have an account from a previous Free Fly, you’re all set! Just log in via the Star Citizen launcher and we’ll see you in the ‘Verse!

Star Citizen Alpha 2.3.1 Patch...