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Discover a day in the life of a Starfarer Captain

MISC is proud to present an inside look at what it's like to sail the stars aboard a Starfarer, and how from Captain to crew, everybody has an important job to do when living and working on a tanker.

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This may appear to be a story about the men and women who crew our tankers, but don’t let that fool you. Aboard Clydesdale, a working MISC Starfarer, everyday is a new adventure as her crew undertakes their charge, to carry fuel and cargo to the darkest depths of space.

Outfitted and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Starfarer is an important backbone of interstellar commerce. Yet to focus on the grandeur of the ship alone would miss the true beating heart of this tale, the men and women who operate these stout ships and their exhilarating lives on the drift.

06:13 SET.: Chronos System.

Chief Jack Conroy, Clydesdale’s First Officer, receives his morning briefing from the Boatswain. Don’t let their easy interplay come off as laziness or inattention: these are experienced spacemen with thousands of voyages between them, always keenly aware of their responsibilities and the constant dangers they face.

Meanwhile, in his personal quarters, the tanker’s captain, awakens from four hours of union-mandated rest after overseeing midwatch during the transit in-system. Jarvan MacGravy, or ‘Little Mac’ as he’s affectionately known by his crew, is now again ready to take the reigns. His quarters are an oasis, the lone respite on a crowded ship.

Old spacehands have a saying: never trust a ship that doesn’t...
Star Citizen Alpha 2.3 Available!

Greetings Citizens,

Star Citizen Alpha 2.3 is now available! Pilots can access the latest patch on the Live server using the Star Citizen launcher. Alpha 2.3 adds the usual assortment of bug fixes and balance updates, as well as making our first capital-sized ship hangar-ready! The MISC Starfarer is now ready for boarding, and by a large margin it’s the biggest ship we’ve released so far. This patch also makes the Xi’An Khartu-al scout ship flight ready, with plenty of last minute balance provided by our intrepid PTU testers. The component conversion also continues with power plants moving into the new system. You can find a full list of changes and additions in the patch notes, and more information on the Starfarer in this special post.

And of course, you can find your 2.3 Patch Notes here.

Ship Update
Scouts Reporting In!

If you missed out on your chance to pick up either the hangar-ready Starfarer or the flight-ready Xi’An Scout, both are now on sale! The Xi’An Scout is a nimble long-range fighter-sized ship, whereas the Starfarer is a massive tanker with multiple decks and crew support for seven people! These ships will be available in the pledge store through Monday, April 4.

Remember: we are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The goal is to make additional ships available that give players a different experience rather than a particular advantage when the persistent universe launches. Ship...
Esperia Vanduul Blade Q&A - Part 2

[​IMG]Concept Art - Vanduul Blade
Greetings Citizens,

Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer another 10 questions for the community. Here we go.

Question & Answer

Will we be able to purchase the Blade in game for UEC at some point or obtain it some other way? Or is this sale our only opportunity to get one?

The ‘replica’ Blades will not be commonly available on the open market; we intend them to be something that’s earned rather than outright bought in the finished game. We may offer the ship again through the pledge site when it’s flight ready, but it will not be a design that’s commonly available at an ordinary ship dealer.

What unique role does this ship occupy that justifies its cost? It’s a light fighter, roughly on par with the Gladius in terms of thrust and weaponry, but it costs as much as a Warden.

Vanduul ships are priced to reflect their relative rarity; the Blade is cheaper than the Scythe as it is a less advanced design (fewer overall components) but it is not something a ship company would price to compete with something like an Aurora.

Will this be the last Blade sale, like the Glaive and the Scynthe sale, or could it be that you bring up another sale at some point of time (for example Anniversary Sale).

We have no plans for another sale at the moment, but we certainly reserve the right to offer it again (without...
WIP: Xi'An Scout Development

Greetings Citizens,

The attached article was originally printed in the February, 2016 issue of Jump Point. It offers a comprehensive overview of how Cloud Imperium Games’ artists and designers have made the Xi’An Scout ready for flight!

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Around the Verse: Episode 2.24 - DISCO KILLED THE ART SNEAK PEEK

This week, we talk with Studio Director Erin Roberts, chat with Star Citizen Mr. Combustible, and the Art Sneak Peek evolves into it’s final form.

01:21 – Intro
08:40 – News From Around the Verse
21:51 – ATV Interview: Erin Roberts
37:53 – ATV Rewind: Erin Roberts Joins the Team
39:10 – Wonderful World of Star Citizen: Mr. Combustible
52:51 – MVP (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/...itizen-Package-Comparison-Chart-Google-Sheets)
53:36 – ATV Fast Forward

Gameplay Bumper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lcXqOw7fMk

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Esperia Vanduul Blade Q&A - Part 1

[​IMG]Concept Art - Vanduul Blade
”Massive fleet actions, attempts at global landings to hold Tiber II itself, and even “clean slate” operations designed to simply eliminate the ability of the system to sustain military occupation have all fallen flat. Millions have died in these attempts, and the ever-expanding fields of wreckage are now legendary. Countless civilians, seeing the deadly battlefield debris as potential for profit, have made the same leap with similar fatal results.“

- Galactic Guide “Tiber System”, 2944

Greetings Citizens,

Another Concept Sale, another Question & Answer session. Since Friday, we’ve been collecting questions from the dedicated Q&A post here and today our designers and artists working on the ship will answer 10 questions for the community. Tune back in on this Friday to see the answers to 10 more questions. Let’s jump right in.

Question & Answer

Where do you envision the Blade position compared to others Vanduul ships, we know it’s a light fighter but is it more of a “Gladius” or closer to a “M50”?

It’s a mix of the two, the Blade is lighter armed than the Gladius but makes up for that shortfall by being more agile. A Blade pilot’s best strength is to evade incoming fire and stay on its target’s tail.

My question is about the two different flight modes. Given the two other ships that have multiple flight modes (Reliant and Xi’An Scout) have had those flight modes regulated to landing only, what makes...
Cargolympics Return

Start Transmission

Top your mug off and settle in for another serving of Clean Shot, the best source for the latest and greatest shipping and hauling news. Heading up this great big ol’ infotainment convoy is none other than yours truly, Craig Burton.

First off, I want to thank everyone for all their suggestions on my upcoming haul. As some of you less-than-regulars out there may or may not know, every year I try to find some time to get out from behind this desk and get behind the stick to run a contract myself. I think it’s important to drag some crates around the ’verse every once in a while, so that when I sit here and rattle off advice and wisdom, I’m coming at it from experience. Plus, it’s easy to forget that there’s a reason I got involved with hauling in the first place, and it wasn’t to be a famously handsome host. It was always about the flight for me. The quiet. The fact that sometimes the call of the black is just too hard to ignore. My dad used to say that his one week of retirement was the hardest week of his life. Even better was that my mom said the same thing.

Anyway, keep the comms coming. You’ve been giving me some great ideas on what routes to take and what gear to test. Starting to look more and more like I might be taking a Reliant Kore out for a spin. Figured I could get a firsthand look at all this new Xi’An tech MISC is going on about, and see if it’s actually worth a grain. Sure, the ’Lancer handles nice with the few upgrades they’ve done here and there, but the Reliant is a different beast altogether. That thing is alien to its bones. Almost like a Xi’An wearing a Human mask. Sure, it might be able to sneak into the wedding, but it probably wouldn’t be good enough to pass for the groom if you know what I mean. Stay tuned for more updates on the planning as...
Jump Point Now Available!

Attention development subscribers: the March 2016 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. This month’s Jump Point features the development of the might Sabre! That, plus a visit to the Chronos System, the history of the 999th Test Squadron, behind the scenes of customer service and a new chapter in an exclusive Star Citizen short story! Grab your copy today.

Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here.

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