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Brought to you by Pips. Experience 'Life Untapped'

January 10, 2935 SET

Despite its discovery over five centuries ago, the Nexus System has maintained a reputation for being untamed territory, a distinction that has persisted to this day. The two most notable events to occur in the system this century not only have criminal connotations but are also connected.

The first incident was Kellar’s Run in 2931. Dean Kellar’s multi-system tussle with UEE law enforcement famously ended in the Nexus System. What had started as a simple dogfight had spiraled across multiple systems and involved dozens of ships of criminals, police and even civilians. The government’s inability to contain the incident brought into focus just how little control the Empire had over the Nexus System. Within months, the UEE Senate approved a measure to bring law and order back to the system.

One of the UEE’s first orders of business was reclaiming Nexus III. Across the naturally habitable planet, outlaw factions had moved into facilities abandoned by the Hathor Group. When the UEE assault began, feuding outlaw crews put their differences aside to defend their planet. The Horizon Crew became the de facto ringleaders and led this patchwork defense force in a spirited fight. Eventually, they were overmatched by the UEE military. Outlaws that didn’t flee were either captured or killed resisting.

The criminal diaspora spread to the dark corners of the Nexus System or slipped into one of the neighboring unclaimed systems. The Horizon Crew attempted to set up operations elsewhere but were rebuffed by larger syndicates controlling those sectors of space. That left them with only one acceptable option: fight to reclaim their turf in Nexus. Three years after Kellar’s run, on January 10, 2935, Nexus’s second notable event of the 30th century occurred: the Horizon Crew...
Greetings Citizens

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We returned to offices last week to resume the process of bringing Star Citizen and Squadron 42 to life, with stories of holiday cheer and more than a few personal adventures. With every New Year comes the inevitable resolutions, and this year the Community Team aims to continue improving the content we release to you each and every week.

What this means right off the bat is an evolution of the “Community Manager’s Log and Schedule” that went up at the beginning of the week into a front-page post, “This Week in Star Citizen.” As always, it’ll be a chance to give you some of the highlights to look out for in the week ahead, but we’ll also use it to highlight specific content you may have missed out on in the past, as well as bring a much deserved spotlight to the work our Citizens do to enhance the overall Star Citizen experience.

In addition to the change in our Monday posts, we’ll be pushing the continuing evolution in our video content as we move through 2017, including popular hits like Around the Verse, Bugsmashers and Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy, as well as debuting some new additions to those stalwarts. We’ll discuss one of those additions farther down below, but be certain you come back here in the coming weeks to find out more.

Each Tuesday, the Lore Team releases another installment in one of their many continuing series. These lore posts have been a tradition since Star Citizen was first announced, and if you haven’t checked out some of the older series, like Cassandra’s Tears, you can find all the previous entries here.

On Wednesdays, we alternate between the death and destruction of bugs everywhere with episodes of our edutainment series, Bugsmashers! and The...
Content created by YOU!

The sheer amount of community created content that we come across on a daily basis is absolutely mind-blowing! Our community is jam packed with thousands of determined, creative, and talented individuals who continually surprise us with epic content.

There is no chance that we can highlight ever single submission, but here are a notable few to whet your appetite! Find more on our Community Hub!

Screenshots by Berdu

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 released right before the Holidays, and like many other talented community members, Berdu took that as an opportunity to capture some beautiful screenshots using the freshly introduced camera controls!

Needless to say: these are beautiful!

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

Tutorial by BoredGamerUK


If you don’t know who BoredGamerUK is, you have probably been living under a rock! Here is yet another example of one of his educational videos that provide a lot of...
This installment of Bugsmashers features some mobiGlas mischief. Resident Bugsmasher Mark Abent is on the case to ensure the mobiGlas scales properly and that the close button actually works. See what charges are needed to get the UI working on this episode.

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Iso Pilots

Greetings, traveler. During our many journeys, we have found that although the sights and sounds of our vast universe may be awe inspiring, it’s the diversity of the souls who inhabit it that truly make it special. It’s why the team here at OBSERVIST LIFESTYLE is determined to offer a firsthand look at the myriad of people and cultures that form the unique tapestry of our Empire and beyond.

While traveling for pleasure is one of life’s great joys, most travel done in the Empire is for commerce. Massive ships drift across the expanse hauling billions of cargo tonnage from city to city, planet to planet, system to system to where they are needed most. But what happens when the goods you need to deliver are the massive ships?

Most traditionally-sized vessels can be transported inside a hauler like any other large cargo or towed by a tugship, but for larger classes of ships like the MISC Endeavor or RSI Orion, the only way to get them from the manufacturer’s shipyards to the customer is to be piloted. Flying a ship from A to B sounds like it would be straightforward enough, barring all the usual hiccups that can mar any interstellar flight. The difference here however is that when someone spends the credits for a brand new ship, they expect it to arrive in like-new condition. That part, it turns out, isn’t so easy.

Enter the hardworking men and women of Seven-league Vehicle Delivery Service and the unconventional life they lead flying ships like they were never flown at all.


“The first thing everyone does when they learn about how we transport the ships is to suggest an easier way.” I am sitting across from Tahota Ersdil in a small, cramped office in Odyssa filled with dusty ship manuals dating back the last fifty years, datapads stacked precariously high and the...
In a special edition of Loremaker’s Guide, Jared Huckaby sits down with the Lore Team to talk about the process when creating the various star systems that comprise the Star Citizen universe.

Remember that you can always explore the Star Citizen Universe yourself in our web-based Ark Star Map.

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Greetings Citizens,

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 is now available for all backers! Alpha 2.6 includes the first iteration of Star Marine, our dedicated FPS module, as well as significant updates to the rest of the Star Citizen experience. Star Marine offers two game modes that will give you a taste of first person combat in the ’verse while a new Pirate Swarm game mode has been added to Arena Commander and a grand total of eight new ships are available in the PU. The patch also includes a major spaceflight balance pass, a brand new menu system, as well as dozens of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and other changes. The Alpha 2.6 patch is now available for download via the Star Citizen launcher.

You can read the complete Patch Notes here.

Star Marine

Join the Fight…

Star Marine is here! Star Citizen’s first-person combat simulator lets backers engage in pitched FPS battles complete with multiple game modes, leaderboards and an all-new user interface. The initial launch of Star Marine includes two maps, OP Station Demien and Echo Eleven, as well as two game modes. Elimination is a free-for-all everyone-for-themselves fight where players duke it out for the highest kill score. Last Stand offers a chance for players to team up and battle for dominance over several Control Points in a fight where proper teamwork will determine victory.

Star Marine features numerous updates to Star Citizen’s FPS systems including grenades, vaulting, and combat emotes. The Player Health System has been...
MISC Razor Q&A

Greetings Citizens,

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Let’s get right to it.

Previous Star Citizen racing ships have been designed with a dual role in mind or as adaptations of existing ships (the Mustang Gamma and 350R). The Razor was intended to be a racer from the skids up. Like the M50 interceptor, the Razor’s natural abilities will make it effective for speed-related missions off the racetrack … but unlike the M50, that was a completely secondary concern.

Special thanks to John Crewe and Jonathan Jacevicius for taking the time to answer these questions for us.

Questions & Answers

Ships inside of other ships. What ships do you think the Razor can be successfully launched and maintained from?

Questions like these are difficult to answer definitively until both the larger and the smaller ships are fully built and implemented, but it’d be safe to say any ship that can take an M50 will be able to take a Razor comfortably.

How do you envision the Razor being used outside of racing?

The Razor has a small set of offensive weaponry so whilst it can be used for combat at a push, it is not designed for it and in protracted engagements will fall prey to dedicated combat ships. Its speed and endurance (for a racer) would allow it to work in an interceptor role like the M50.

Why would we choose this ship over an M50 or 350R? Why would we choose those ships over the Razor?

Designed to be an endurance racer rather than a drag or F1 style racer the Razor will be able to last longer in races before the pilot has to start considering their fuel levels, whilst the pure performance isn’t as good...
Mark Abent, our resident Bugsmasher, investigates why blackout animations aren’t triggering on the character after experiencing excesses G-forces in their ship. As an added bonus, he squashes a separate bug with no name that is triggering a ton of crashes. See what solutions he comes up with on this episode of Bugsmashers.

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The Unexpected Guest

Looking into the vastness of space it’s easy to feel small and insignificant, yet our ingenuity, inventiveness and imagination have made that extensive expanse of nothingness manageable. Today, we frequently travel great distances without giving it so much as a second thought. That is until, every once and awhile, something happens that’s so unbelievable it makes you realize we’re all connected by space and time in ways we’ll never fully understand. This is Untold Tales.

Today, we visit the planet of Tram in the Ferron System, which has struggled to find its footing since mining companies left en masse during the mid-29th century. As the good paying jobs fled, so did the system’s population. For the last century, Ferron has had only a few permanent residents, but that makes this untold story of an unexpected guest arriving at Octavia Watt’s door that much more incredible.

It was a late December day in 2945 when the 127-year-old Octavia Watt decided to spend the afternoon getting her house ready for Traveler’s Day. Each year, her three children and their families celebrated the holiday at her modest house on the outskirts of Tram. Gang fights over water and poor public services had driven most of the other residents away, yet Octavia stayed despite repeated attempts by her children to get her to move someplace less dangerous.

OCTAVIA WATT: I wasn’t havin’ none of it. There’s not much there ’cept my memories, but that’s part of why I liked it. It also reminded me of the homestead in Charon where I grew up. There’s a special kind of peace that comes with simple livin’.

Octavia’s children had resigned themselves to their mother spending the rest of her days in a house she loved, situated within an increasingly hostile landscape. That is until an unexpected guest arrived and changed...