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Star Citizen Live Game Director Todd Papy answers backer questions about the current state of the game and development of the upcoming Alpha 3.5.

To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.

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This week’s update looks at VFX updates in the new flight model, current work on upcoming ships, and some deadly new weapons.

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As Good As Dunn


2948-12-14_19:07 SET

Sir –

Just wanted to give you an update. The op’s good to go. I’ll set up on an overlook above the Dunn Scrapyard and will watch it for a few hours before paying them a visit. I’ll use an Argo SRV to tow in a busted 325a. Both have clean regtags so there shouldn’t be any reason for them not to process it. I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to verify my confidential informant’s claims about this place being a front for organized crime.

I’ll be on comms if you need me.

Julie Nadir
Special Agent
Office of the Advocacy
New Junction, Lo, Corel

2948-12-15_06:22 SET

Keep me posted. We need a big win on this in order to maintain the investigation on Dunn. If the op doesn’t uncover anything, the Haubert case is heating up and might require your attention.

Lakoda Iwata
Supervisory Special Agent
Office of the Advocacy
New Junction, Lo, Corel

2948-12-15_22:09 SET

Sir –

Today didn’t quite go as planned. I’m drafting the full incident report, but I still think there’s enough suspicious activity to warrant further investigation. You’ll have all the details in the report, but the big takeaways are below:

The scrapyard refused to take the 325a, claiming they didn’t have the capacity to process it. When I pointed out that there was space in the scrapyard, the story changed to the problem being a mechanical issue with their compactor. I sang them a sob story about needing creds fast,...
Hello everyone,

Last week we celebrated Australia Day with a screenshot contest that had everyone showing off their best flight formations using the Gladius Valiants we made available over the weekend. Now that the contest has come to a close, we want to thank everyone for submitting their screenshots and celebrating the land down under. We’re currently in the process of selecting the victors and will announce them soon.

On Friday, we also kicked off another contest, highlighting Tumbril’s rough and rugged Cyclone series. We want you to take your filmmaking skills off-road and make a commercial for these tenacious beasts. Check out the Spectrum announcement for all the juicy details.

Challenge coin accepted! The One Empire Anniversary Coin was distributed to all backers who pledged prior to the $200 million milestone. It can now be found in your hangar. As always, thank you for your support!

Lastly, the Daymar Rally took place yesterday with 3 different divisions (Rover, Buggy, and Bike) battling it out for glory and rewards. We were blown away by the amazing experience and want to say ‘well done’ to everyone involved. Streamers, Racers, Support, Security, and more: it was great seeing all parties come together to create the filthiest race in the ‘verse .

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Tuesday is lore day and welcomes a Advocacy Archive post about a young agent’s growing obsession into investigating a shady scrapyard.

Thursday will bring another episode of Around the Verse where...
Jump Point Now Available!

Attention development subscribers: the January 2019 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. You’ll learn about the development of the Squadron 42 production schedule, check out the QA team’s top flyable spacecraft and discover the Origin 600i’s history in an all-new Whitley’s Guide.

Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here.

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Australia Day Gladius Free-Fly

Celebrate the founding of Australia (and domination of the Vanduul)

The Gladius Valiant was created by Aegis in conjunction with Electronic Access’ flight sim Arena Commander. As the premier example of the ‘Masters of Flight’ series, the Valiant’s custom green and gold livery stands as a fitting homage to the legacy of defense pilot Condi Hillard.

Everyone knows that Hillard was the first human pilot on record to defeat a Vanduul ship in combat. But did you know that her ship’s now-iconic paint job also shares colors with Earth island-nation Australia? It’s true!

So, let’s go way back and honor the landing of the First Fleet at Port Jackson while simultaneously celebrating Hillard’s inaugural Vanduul beat-down with the Aegis Gladius Valiant – available for all current backers to fly for free, all weekend long. Just log into your account and retrieve it from any ASOP terminal in the game.

Featured Ship


The Gladius Valiant

Created as part of the ‘Masters of Flight’ series in conjunction with the flight sim Arena Commander, the Valiant pays tribute to famed defense pilot Condi Hillard for being the first Human on record to defeat a Vanduul ship in combat. This Gladius comes equipped with a specialized dogfighting-focused loadout and special-edition livery honoring her iconic ship.

Now let's get in Formation


Show us your most Valiant screenshots

Enter to win a Gladius Valiant for your fleet by submitting screenshots that show off your best flight...
In this week’s update we look at controls in the new flight model, get sneak peeks of ArcCorp and its moons, and learn how to pronounce Gladius.

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Writer’s Note: Brothers In Arms: Part One was published originally in Jump Point 3.5.

The heads-up display on Gavin Rhedd’s Cutlass dimmed at the edges. Green triangles representing the members of his security team distorted to form horizontal spikes of flickering static. He smacked the side of his helmet. It was a practiced move, and one that had snapped the HUD back into focus in the past. This time, the display flickered, faded and then died.

A heavy breath sent a thin veil of vapor climbing the visor of his helmet. Condensation obscured the view of black, empty space ahead.

Empty like the dead heads-up display.

Empty just like it had been for weeks.

There were brigands and marauders plaguing every planet in the ’verse and he couldn’t find one damned gang. Nothing was working out like he’d planned.

On the navsat, the other three members of Rhedd Alert Security fanned out to either side. His brother Walt was locked into position directly to port. Jazza and Boomer were painfully out of position.


Everyone was getting bored and careless.

Boomer was the first to break radio silence this time.

“Hey, guys?”

“What’s up, Boomer?” Walt was the first to respond.

“I’m cold.”

Jazza didn’t follow orders better than any of the others, and her banter had the comfortable cadence of friendly rivalry. “Then put on a sweater.”

“Hey, Jazz?” Boomer fired back at her.


“Take your helmet off for a tick.”

“Why’s that, old man? You want a kiss?”

“Nope. I’m hoping you get sucked out and die when I shoot a hole through your cockpit.”

Gavin sighed into his helmet before triggering his mic. “Come on, gang. I want comms dark. The miners on Oberon hired us to take care of their pirate problem. And the three of you chattering on an open channel won’t help us find them any faster.”

“I’m starting to hate this system,” Walt muttered.

They were all tired and strung out from weeks of long hours and no action. But Walt was killing their morale by...
Hello everyone,

Happy Monday! A few members of the CIG team spent their weekend exploring PAX South and attending the annual Bar Citizen event on the River Walk. We had an absolute blast, as usual, and want to thank everyone who came out and said hello.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Tuesday welcomes another detailed lore piece with Brothers in Arms Part 1, where we follow two brothers as they struggle to go legit by opening a private security outfit.

Thursday will welcome another episode of Around the Verse where we’ll take a look at the latest Star Citizen news.

Friday will see a Roadmap update and the RSI Newsletter delivered right to your inbox. Haven’t subscribed yet? Head to your Account Settings right away and never miss one of our newsletters again!

We’ve also got some fun activities planned for this weekend! First, we’ll be kicking off another commercial contest on Friday – tune in to Around the Verse this week to discover more details about this contest’s theme. Then, we’re celebrating Australia day in style. Starting on Friday, and through the weekend, we’ll be making the Gladius Valiant available to fly for free to all existing backers. This Free Fly will be coupled with another awesome screenshot contest – keep an eye out on Spectrum for more details!

Finally, we know how eager you all are to see additional columns added to the Roadmap. We’re still going through milestone planning and should have an update for you in the coming couple of weeks. We’re fully aware that many of you would like a specific date so that you can rest your F5 finger, but we want to make sure we’ve covered everything intricately before pushing out the update.

See you in the ‘verse!

Tyler Witkin
Lead Community Manager

The Weekly Community Content Schedule

In this week’s update we see how hover bikes will work in the new flight model, and how devs are re-targeting animations to make female playable characters unique and authentic.

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