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This week, we look forward to Alpha 3.2 with a PU project update looking at the current Roadmap, and explore a feature that recently debuted in 3.1, the Character Customizer. As mentioned in the episode, check out officially licensed Star Citizen merchandise at https://www.jrfabrication.co.uk/

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Be sure to read part one of the story here .

Umar was quickly realizing just how difficult it was to focus on doing repairs when you have a gun aimed at your head. Of course, it should have been obvious from the start that being held hostage would be stressful, but it was one of those truths that doesn’t completely sink in until you experience it first hand. Sort of like how those ‘Slippery When Wet’ caution signs seemed redundant until you were skidding around in a rainstorm.

“Easy on the comms,” instructed Umar’s captor in a steady, even clip. “This is just a normal emergency repair, right?” The man might as well have been casually asking Umar to pass nuoc cham, for all the current situation seemed to be stressing him.

“Right.” Just your normal, everyday emergency repair where someone has hijacked your ship and is looming right behind your terminal in case they need to put a plasma bolt through your brain. Totally normal.

Umar took a deep breath and pushed all that aside. He needed to focus. His life wasn’t the only one hanging in the balance. With a practiced few presses on the console, Umar launched the repair drone Shake towards the source of the emergency beacon — a Terrapin, adrift and giving off a worryingly high IR signature.

With the drone en route, Umar hailed the Terrapin with his most professional, calming voice. “Dr. Hostan? This is Umar from In-A-Fix.”

The response came immediately. “Power plant’s experiencing a critical cascade and my coolers are about to give,” reported Dr. Hostan, breathing heavily. The temperature must have been unbearable inside the craft. Even wearing a protective suit and helmet, her hair was plastered with sweat to her head. “Geiger’s ticking fast and loud. I don’t think there’s much time.”...
Letter from the Chairman

[​IMG]Celebrate with exclusive badges on Spectrum

[​IMG]Final shirt may differ from Concept Art [​IMG]Final shirt may differ from Concept Art
Back in October of 2015, we reached an amazing milestone when our Community grew to one million Citizens. To say I was proud and humbled then remains an understatement, and those feelings have only doubled as I welcome our two millionth Citizen into the ‘verse.

As Star Citizen has continued to grow over the years, so has the community in just as many astonishing and encouraging ways. The backers remain the foundation of this project and a beacon to the entire gaming industry and beyond. You are proving that PC games, space sims, and a willingness to push these artforms into new realms of innovation are alive and well, with more exciting possibilities than ever before. With two million people (and counting) inspiring and counting on us, the Star Citizen team is more galvanized than ever in our efforts. We’re listening to what you want out of Star Citizen and working to get more amazing content and mechanics into the game, while also pouring resources and focus into quality of life improvements and polishing current features, to make it a satisfying experience, even while still in Alpha. It’s your belief in the project, from the earliest backers to those relatively new to the ‘verse, that make it all possible.

To celebrate this, we’re releasing special badges to commemorate your dedication and engagement. The 1M badge for those of you...
Hello Citizens,

What a fun and exciting weekend it has been! On Friday, we announced the Origin 100 Series of starter ships. The 100 series has been designed specifically for solo pilots looking to turn heads without sacrificing functionality or reliability.

Also, we kicked off the first Free Fly Weekend Event of 2018! We invited our friends, family, and guild-mates to join us in the PU to experience how much progress our team has been working on to deliver 3.1 to everyone. Not only that, but we extended the Free Fly until Apr. 18th due to the huge success and fun everyone was having, we weren’t ready to spoil it. You can read more about the Free Fly and even sign up and get 4 vehicles to pilot in the Persistence Universe here.

With that, let’s see what’s going on this week:

Today sees a new episode of Calling All Devs, the show dedicated to answering the community’s most voted questions. This week, we address questions on persistence, snub craft development, landing systems and more. You can watch the episode here.

Every third Tuesday, our Lore Team will post a News Update feature, providing new fictional insight on the Star Citizen universe. Check out previously published lore posts here.

‘Bugsmashers!’ will return next Wednesday on it’s regular bi-weekly schedule.

On Thursday, we’ll welcome an all-new episode of Around the Verse with the latest info from the Development team. This week, it’s a...
Fuel Mechanics
How It Works Today and What’s in Store for the Future

With the introduction of the Origin 100 series and its unique AIR system, we wanted to spend a little time talking about the current and future role of fuel in Star Citizen. The career of Refueling, and by proxy the gameplay of fuel, is one of our many non-combat driven gameplay loops and key to creating a believable universe.

This piece is a primer to the Refueling design and career, which will be discussed more in the build up to its release.

Fuel Mechanics in Star Citizen Alpha 3.1

In Alpha 3.1, all of our ships have a Hydrogen Fuel Tank and most have a Quantum Fuel Tank, snubs being the common exception. The ship’s thrusters consume fuel stored in the Hydrogen Fuel Tank and convert it into thrust with a small draw from the Power Plant. When in Quantum Travel, thrusters use the fuel contained in the Quantum Fuel Tank.

A common misconception is that fuel is only used during Boost or Afterburner. Actually, fuel was intended to be consumed during any use of the thrusters. Most ships have a Fuel Intake, again snubs tend to be the exception, that regenerate fuel from the environment. Fuel should usually regenerate faster than what standard maneuvering burns while in space. Sustained maneuvers involving Boost or Afterburner, as well as use in atmosphere, will consume more fuel than can be regenerated. This will deplete the fuel bar located on the HUD. Stopping these maneuvers will typically refill the fuel bar, although most ships need to be moving for the regeneration to occur. Hence, if a ship is left running while landed, you may return to discover it has less fuel in it.

If you run out of either type of fuel, the only way to refuel your ship is by visiting a Cry-Astro station or filing an insurance claim at an ASOP terminal....
Q&A: Origin 100 Series Part I

Hello everyone,

Following the launch of the Origin 100 series, below are some questions and answers to provide more information on this brand-new starter ship from Origin Jumpworks.

Still have a question that you didn’t see answered below? You can still post questions on Spectrum, to be answered in Part 2 of our Q&A, here.

Special thanks to John Crewe, Corentin Billemont, and Todd Papy for their help preparing this Q&A.

How can a fighter be effective with two size 1 guns?

Compared to other fighters at the same class it benefits from the addition of missiles and improved maneuverability.

We’re also aware of the current weakness and lack of incentive to use S1 weapons and are looking into updates to make them a more competitive choice without resorting to DPS creep.

What advantages and disadvantages does this ship have versus the three other starters?

The fuel system gives it an enhanced range. It’s less maneuverable than the Mustang. It is more maneuverable than the Aurora, but lacks it’s strength and durability.


How does the 100i fit into the lineup of Origin? Is there a functional cohesion such as with Drake?

The 100i is the entry point into the Origin line of spaceships, the X1 sits beneath it but as a bike it is essentially in a different tree. There is no current equivalent in the Drake line up.

Its closest “equivalent” in the Origin lineup is the 85X but the two have different uses. The 85X does not have any living accommodation so cannot be used for extended durations, versus the 100 series which do and can. In addition, the...
Tech Designers John Crewe and Corentin Billemont join Vehicle Artist Michael Sillitoe as we discuss the newly revealed Origin 100, the luxurious Origin 600 and the rework of the Aegis Avenger.

To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.

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This week on Around the Verse, Jared returns with more Ship Shape than you can shake a xiphopod at. Get inside looks at the bigger, better Avenger, the ultra-classy 600i, and a brand new ship from Origin Jumpworks.

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It’s two times the terror and two times the carnage as Spencer Johnson steps in for Mark Abent and brutally murders an insurance issue that’s been messing with nested vehicles. The bug bodycount continues in this chilling episode of bugSLASHERS. “Ki Ki Ki… Ma Ma Ma…”

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