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New Merchandise!

We Asked, You Answered…

In an effort to revamp our selection of physical merchandise, we recently put a call out on Spectrum to see what kind of items you wanted to see in the store. After tirelessly collating your responses, it has become very clear what you’ve been clamoring for, and we are super excited to announce our first new merchandise offerings of 2019.

The Scent of Star Citizen


We asked what you wanted, and the resounding answer returned: themed unisex fragrances. Thus, we present to you the inaugural offering in the Scents of Star Citizen collection.

Quantum by Christiano Roberto
The classic fragrances of the past meet the mysterious essences of the future. An innovative cultivation of scents that transcend space and time. Always relevant.


And look for these other intoxicating aromas from all around the ‘verse, coming soon to the pledge store!

Bishop No. 42 Rich rose and hints of tobacco interface with peated scotch and herbal highlights to create a fragrance reminiscent of victory. For if there is one thing the Vanduul have taught us, it’s that without the smell of victory there can be no survival.

Oppression by Hurston
You work hard every day for the betterment of your community. Shouldn’t you smell like it? With top notes of smog and spice, complemented by the compelling bouquet of a job well done, Oppression epitomizes the hard-worn smell of success.

Kayfa Kiss by Inmersión
Capture the “exotic essence” of the Xi’an with the heady aroma of centennial bloom mingling with...
We sit down with Founder and CEO Chris Roberts to discuss all things Alpha 3.5 and beyond.

To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.

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Jump Point Now Available!

Attention development subscribers: the March 2019 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. You’ll learn all about the DNA customization system developed for Alpha 3.5, follow the development of the new Drake Corsair and discover the history of the MISC Reliant in a new Whitley’s Guide. Plus an all-new lore feature about IO-North Tower in ArcCorp!

Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here.

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In the Alpha 3.4 finale, we come face to face with the new character customizer, check in on updates to Star Marine and get a look at gameplay in the new patch.

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Writer’s Note: Brothers In Arms: Part Three was published originally in Jump Point 3.7. Read Part One here and Part Two here.

Rhedd Alert got hit two more times over the next several escort missions between Min and Nexus. The first was an overzealous solo pirate who had camped himself just outside the jump gate from Min. The memory of the Hornet attack was still fresh and had Gavin and the team on edge.

The hapless pirate attacked as soon as the first Rhedd Alert ship entered Nexus. There wasn’t a thruster on the market that could turn him fast enough once the gate spat out six angry Rhedd Alert fighters and their transport.

They recovered the unconscious pirate in hopes of a bounty. There wasn’t much left of his ship to salvage.

The next incident occurred inside the Tyrol system near the rendezvous at Haven. As they neared Tyrol V, the trio of ramshackle Hornets struck again. Walt was the first to see them coming.

“Gav, we’ve got incoming from behind the planet.”

Gavin’s team was a cluster of green icons on his HUD. Snuggled protectively within their perimeter was UEE Cassiopeia carrying a fresh batch of researchers. He zoomed the display out and saw a trio of red marks hurtling around the planet toward their position.

“Is that . . .?”

“You have got to be kidding me.”

“How the hell did they find us?”

Gavin silenced his team with a curt word and considered a headlong race to Tyrol V. Haven was a reasonably large settlement for an otherwise underdeveloped system. Tyrol V didn’t have any planetary defenses, though. The entire system was subject to the inevitable and imminent nova caused by its binary stars. Haven warranted both UEE and private investment in support of the unique research possibilities provided by the...
Hello everyone,

Our teams around the globe are focused on the imminent release of Alpha 3.5 . Many of you have already jumped into the PTU to assist in preparing this monumental patch for it’s glorious debut, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the help. We’ve seen hundreds of images, videos, and gifs already and we’re having a blast seeing everyone discover all that 3.5 has to offer for the first time, turtles included.

Last week, we announced the winners of our St. Patrick’s Day themed screenshot contest. There’s no denying that the Star Citizen community knows how to party. Make sure to check out all of the entries and winners here.

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Tuesday the lore team will publish the next chapter in the continuing saga of the Rhedd boys as Brothers In Arms continues.

Keep an eye out on Wednesday for the Squadron 42 Monthly Report. Please burn after reading, per usual protocol.

On Thursday, another episode of Around the Verse takes a look at the latest Star Citizen news.

Friday sees a Roadmap update and the RSI Newsletter delivered right to your inbox. We also welcome a new episode of Reverse the Verse at 12pm Pacific, which broadcasts LIVE on our Star Citizen Channel. This week we’ll sit down with Chris Roberts to discuss all things 3.5. Keep an eye out on Spectrum for a question gathering thread soon.

Finally, if you find yourself at Wondercon this weekend, our very own Eric Kieron Davis will be on-site for a panel divulging how best to navigate the often-confusing waters of the interview...
Vehicle Pipeline Director John Crewe and Art Director Paul Jones discuss the recently revealed Drake Corsair.

To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.

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This week we light up the Area 18 plaza, dine on ArcCorp’s finest street meat, and get a first look at the new Drake Corsair.

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