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RTV is back in LA with another Gamedev special! Designer Calix Reneau will build a game system prototype for potential research mechanics and answer questions LIVE.

To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.

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The return of asteroid mining and scramble races, focused audio, and building out the Stanton system in this week’s update.

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Q&A: Crusader Mercury

Following the launch of the Mercury Star Runner from Crusader Industries, we took your top voted questions to our designers in an effort to get you more information about this recently revealed data runner.

If you haven’t watched the recent Ship Shape on the Mercury, you can do so here. We also sat down with the developers behind the ship in a special Townhall Q&A, LIVE from Gamescom which you can watch here.

Special thanks to John Crewe and Todd Papy for taking the time to answer questions.

What are the differences in scanning between a ship like the Terrapin and the Mercury? Are they similar enough that a Mercury can be fitted to perform a Terrapin’s role equally well, or better?

Dedicated scanning ships, or ships equipped with dedicated scanners are built around that gameplay, which is not what the Mercury is built for. The Mercury’s scanners are only good enough to intercept local communications, rather than scanning of unknown areas or picking up low signatures at distance like the Terrapin can. The Terrapin, when crewed effectively, will always surpass the Mercury in terms of scanning efficiency. Think of the Mercury as a hybrid cargo ship, between freight and data.

Considering its weaponry and supposed light armor, shouldn’t the Mercury be faster than the Cutlass or Vanguard, which are armored and have more firepower? To follow up, the Mercury is considered to be fast, but the stats shows us it’s not much faster than a Freelancer. Can we expect the speeds to be adjusted?...
Writer’s Note: This portfolio was originally published in Jump Point 4.10.

With the launch of the UEE’s “Militia Mobilization Initiative,” the role that militias play in protecting the Empire has come front and center. The current directive aims to help arm civilian militias, so they can protect their homeworld and system against Vanduul incursions and outlaws. One system where militias have played a prominent role for centuries is Bremen — home to the famous Bremen Defense Force, which is the longest constantly active militia in the UEE.

Bremen was a relatively quiet and safe frontier system following its discovery in 2441. That all changed with the onset of the Second Tevarin War. The armadas of Corath’Thal utilized insurgency tactics to wage an unpredictable and shifting war against Humanity. With little idea as to where or when they might attack next, the UEE needed to raise a massive and expanding force in order to protect the populace, one that they struggled to properly feed. It was then that the fertile soil of Rytif (Bremen II) became the main producer of rations for UEE forces.

With this responsibility came both great wealth and an unexpected degree of danger. Bremen’s location meant the chance of a Tevarin attack was relatively low, but residents still noticed an uptick in Human threats. These outlaws were smart enough to avoid targeting military convoys, instead concentrating their attacks on civilians enriched by the system’s booming economy.

Philippe Lattimore almost lost his life in one such outlaw attack. The spry octogenarian was a veteran of the First Tevarin War who attempted to reenlist in the Navy when the second one began. After his application was politely denied, Lattimore took it upon himself to patrol the system. He spent his days responding to distress calls and meticulously documenting his experience. One day he answered a distress call only to be overwhelmed by outlaws still picking apart their latest catch. He barely...
September 2948 Subscriber Flair


I think we can all safely agree that a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and if you ask us, that adage extends to the rest of the head as well. That’s why your head gear shouldn’t be taken lightly. With RSI’s classic Venture helmet your head is in good hands, and with this exclusive Centurion edition, you won’t have to sacrifice stellar looks for stellar safety.

Imperator Subscribers

Imperator-level subscribers will receive this limited edition purple variant along with the red Centurion design, perfectly matching the sleek base suit whilst preventing grey matter splatter on potentially dangerous missions.

If you’re an active subscriber, these items will be added to your account on September 12th.

If you aren’t a subscriber yet but want to sport these suits, make sure you subscribe no later than September 16th.

More information about subscriptions can be found here

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Hello everyone,

We’re one week closer to CitizenCon 2948! As mentioned last week, we recently updated the CitizenCon website with loads of details about the event, including a breakdown of what to expect throughout the day. Find all the details here, and pick up tickets to attend in person here.

We also recently revealed Crusader Industries latest ship, the Mercury Star Runner, which is only available until next week. Catering to governments and the private sector alike, Crusader Industries’ star runner chassis raises the bar on speed and efficiency while remaining a stalwart of reliability. Find out more here.

On the community front, the MISC Prospector Commercial Contest has now ended. We’re currently in the process of reviewing submissions, and will announce the winners in the coming days. If you haven’t seen some of the incredible commercials submitted, check them out here.

Lastly, we’re still running one of our most exciting contests to date. Head over to Spectrum to find out how you can win the opportunity to direct a Motion Capture shoot LIVE at CitizenCon in our recently announced Emote Contest.

And with that, let’s see what else is going on this week:

Every week on Calling All Devs, designers, engineers, and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on Spectrum and voted for by YOU. This week we we talk about...
Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU.

You can submit your questions for consideration in future episodes of Calling All Devs here.

And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions

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LIVE from Wilmslow, UK. Engineers, programmers and QA testers sit down and discuss the nature of Object Container Streaming and what it means for the continuing development of Star Citizen and Squadron 42.

To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into http://twitch.tv/starcitizen.

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Monthly Studio Report: August 2018
Welcome to August’s monthly report. It’s been an exciting few weeks throughout the CIG studios with Gamescom coming and going, CitizenCon 2948 planning in full swing, and Alpha 3.3 content is getting closer to completion.

Everyone’s been working hard to make our upcoming release the biggest and most exciting one yet. A big part of this is taming the beast that is Object Container Streaming. This is one of our biggest tech hurdles to date, and the team is heads down and focused on burning down remaining tasks and issues.

Los Angeles



This month, the Character Art Team improved upon Hair and Head tech, which will increase the visual quality of the current characters while revising the core tools used in the character wearables tech setup. The team has started testing vertex cloth simulation to allow more realistic clothing movement on all characters. They also continued the reworks of the Odyssey Flightsuit, Virgil TruDef Pro Armor, and Hurston Collection. This content comes with material variants to give Hurston a lively and realistic setting. Additionally, the team carried on with S42 costumes.



With several teams working together, the team made good progress on the VoiP/FoiP feature. Turbulent, Faceware, and Audio were able to transmit voice and face via WebRTC. In addition, voice can now be sent and received from any WebRTC enabled device, such as a PC web browser, phone, and tablet. A major risk in the project has been eliminated as getting audio and face synchronized was a major hurdle.

The team is now moving onto server work to add player entities to...
Lighting habs, a first look at ArcCorp’s moons, lockers, ships, and Con42 in this week’s update.

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