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Happy New Year! ATV thunders into 2949.

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Jump Point Now Available!

Attention development subscribers: the December 2018 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. You’ll learn about the development of the Anvil Arrow, take a look back at some of Star Citizen’s biggest accomplishments in 2018 and discover the banded fessle in an all-new Galactapedia.

Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here.

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Star Citizen has seen a lot of changes throughout the year. Join Chris Roberts, Eric Kieron Davis and the rest of the team as they take a look at highlights from 2018.

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 Available!

Alpha 3.4

Today, we open Alpha 3.4 to all backer!

Alpha 3.4 launches several massive technical upgrades to the game including:
  • The Lorville Central Business District, including the Hurston Dynamics Showroom and Transfers Commodity Exchange
  • Six new ships including the Freelancer variants and the Anvil Hawk
  • New armor, helmets, and a new personal weapon
  • Two ship weapons have been reworked and their offerings expanded
  • New visual updates to quantum markers and turrets
  • Expanded the mission system into Hurston and surrounding moons
  • And more!

And of course, you can read the comprehensive Alpha 3.4 Patch Notes here.

3.4 Flyable Ships
With this major milestone of Alpha 3.4, we’re introducing newly flyable ships, as well as updating some older favorites.

The list of new & updated ships includes:
  • Anvil Hawk
  • RSI Constellation Phoenix Emerald
  • MISC Freelancer Variants
  • Origin 600i Touring Module
  • MISC Reliant Kore Improvements

Please enjoy the trailers below and find even more information on our 3.4 Flyable Ships page here.

Bug Reporting
Remember, while there’s a lot to explore in Alpha 3.4, the game is still just a portion of the Star Citizen experience! You can help the team improve future releases by...
Letter from the Chairman

Hello everyone,

2018 brought some pretty big things in the universe of Star Citizen; our first planet, Hurston, our first major landing zone, Lorville, four new moons, 32 new flyable ships, Face Over IP, much improved performance thanks to Object Container Streaming, Network Bind Culling and a complete overhaul of the game code to run on multiple CPU cores simultaneously. We had our largest CitizenCon to date in Austin, Texas and just recently wrapped up a really fun Anniversary Event. How cool was it to make the journey to Lorville, visit the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo West and get an up close and personal sneak preview of some ships that are coming to the ‘verse, or fly dozens of already flyable ships? It has been exciting reading the posts from people discovering the project for the first time and seeing so many people having a blast playing Star Citizen.

As we look forward to the holidays, I wanted to give you all a couple of updates. The first item of news is the Squadron 42 public roadmap is going live today. As with our Persistent Universe roadmap, this is linked to our company’s internal JIRA tracking system, so you can see at a glance the work remaining to complete the game. It was a lot of work to make sure every remaining task was broken down in detail and estimated to the best of our ability, and the same caveats will apply to the Squadron 42 roadmap as they do to the PU one, but our plan is to be feature and content complete by the end of 2019, with the first 6 months of 2020 for Alpha (balance, optimization and polish) and then Beta....
Breaking news on Squadron 42, 3.4 and more, in this week’s update.

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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you the best!

Give the gift that keeps on giving – a Star Citizen starter package!
Plus, enter our two holiday contests for the opportunity to win festive prizes.

Check out all the details below.



How are you celebrating the holidays in the ‘verse?

We want to see how you’re ringing in the holidays in Star Citizen, and what better way to show us than with a new screenshot contest?
To make things even merrier, a special holiday helmet and an extra-festive delivery mission are making their way to the ‘verse for a limited time.
Check your inventory and contract manager for access to these jolly treats and show us how you holiday.


  • 1st Place: MISC Freelancer MAX standalone ship – LTI
  • 2nd Place: Drake Cutlass Black standalone ship – LTI
  • 3rd Place: Aegis Avenger Titan standalone ship – LTI

Ready to get started? Find all the details about the rules and where to submit your entries on our announcement post on Spectrum here.



Hit us with your best shot

Keeping the festivities going, we want to see who can design the best Star Citizen-themed holiday greeting card. Fire up an image editing program or grab some paper and show us your old-timey art skills. Get creative! The important thing is that the card contains...
Writer’s Note: Phantom Bounty: Part Four was published originally in Jump Point 3.4. Read Part One here, Part Two here, and Part Three here.

Mila was a traitor. She’d risked her career as a bounty hunter . . . had betrayed her partner, Rhys, to free Casey. Was it all worth it? Had Casey been telling the truth about her father developing bioweapons?

Mila snuck a glance at Casey as she returned to the co-pilot’s seat. The dark-haired woman offered her a small smile, then harnessed herself into her seat. Mila’s childhood friend. A terrorist.

The emptiness of space loomed before them, nothing but darkness beyond Devana’s forward screen. Mila gripped the controls so tightly her hands ached.

“I’ve managed to mask our signal,” Casey said, “but it’s a temporary fix only. We have a half hour. No more.”

“How . . . ?”

Casey explained the method, and Mila shook her head, partially in awe of the hacking skills required, partially in dismay over the length of the resulting prison sentence if she were caught at it.

“Could have used that trick myself a time or two,” Mila muttered.

“Not if you want to stay on the right side of the law.” Casey cleared her throat. “After this is over. Of course. Just picked up the signal on the scanner. Gotta be my contact. The ship’s waiting a few clicks from the jump point.”

Mila’s hands grew tighter on the controls as she glanced at the scanner screen. Space normally held the dual promises of endless possibility and endless danger . . . but today it held only danger for her.

“Any sign of the Advocacy?” Mila asked tightly.

“Not yet. But . . . they’ll follow. They always do. Get me to my contact,...
Every week, designers, engineers and other developers from our five offices around the world answer backer questions submitted on SPECTRUM and voted on by YOU.

And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions

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