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The first Around the Verse of the new year gives us an inside look at the brand-new RSI website, redesigned by our team at Turbulent. See an exclusive preview here before the site goes live later this month.

And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/subscriptions

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2018 Lore Release Schedule

Happy New Year from the CIG Narrative Team!

Now that 3.0 has been released, we will be increasing our focus on in-game content for Squadron 42 and Star Citizen. Between creating NPC dialogue, mission text and a wealth of item descriptions, there’s a lot of narrative content needed to bring the world alive. So, we are going to adjust our 2018 release schedule in regards to lore content on the website.

As opposed to a News Update every Tuesday, you can now expect a different type of post each Tuesday of the month, including a steady release of older content that hasn’t yet trickled down to the site. Here’s how the schedule will break down.

1st Tuesday

Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Loremaker’s will now become a part of “Lore Day.” You’ll be able to begin every month with a member of the Narrative Team providing an in-depth tour of one of Star Citizen’s 100-plus solar systems.

(Please note that our stable of shows returns next week. That means the first Loremaker’s episode of 2018 will air on Tuesday, February 6th.)

2nd Tuesday

Jump Point Vault and Exclusive Subscriber Content

For years, Jump Point has provided Subscribers with lore content that has not yet been made available to all backers. The second Tuesday of each month will be dedicated to posting either a Galactic Guide or Portfolio that was previously available to Subscribers in our monthly Jump Point magazine.

Meanwhile, current Subscribers will get exclusive first access to a brand new piece of lore with the release of the Subscriber newsletter each month.

3rd Tuesday

Original Content or Lore Builder

Every third Tuesday, we will...
Star Citizen Patch 3.0.0

Alpha Patch 3.0.0 has been released to all Star Citizen backers. This update contains one of our largest feature sets to date – including the three moons of Crusader, a new mission system, improved shopping and cargo mechanics, and increased our server player count from twenty-four to fifty players. Alpha 3.0.0 is also the first implementation of a lot system changes that go on in the background. For example, with commodity trading, we’re testing out the very first iteration of the dynamic economy that will control the marketplace of the universe.

With our new procedural planet tech, there was a strong need to make sure that we efficiently update all the entities and components in our game world (their number increased significantly compared to 2.6.3). We therefore implemented a new update scheduler that allows us to efficiently batch update them per type and update strategy (range based, manual, always, conditionally). As this puts more strain onto our job system, we further refined its core to allow for even lower latency scheduling and supported even more CPU cores.

In short, it’s a big update that lays the foundation for larger developments down the road.

Apart from the improvements already made, there’s still a lot of work that has to be done to get the performance up to where we want it to be, but this will take a bit more time. Object Container Streaming and Entity streaming are major aspects to reduce memory footprint and further scale the game world for many star systems in a seamless way. There will also be a concentrated effort into better scaling of existing game systems with increased player count and world complexity (entity count). We’ve been investigating range based culling of entity updates which will provide significant gains, but still needs additional work to properly integrate into all game systems.

With the release of 3.0.0, the Persistent Universe is now...
Jump Point Now Available!

Attention development subscribers: the December 2017 issue of Jump Point is now available in your subscription area. This month’s Jump Point features the development of the Idris frigate! That, plus a look at the history behind Chemline Solutions, a visit to the Idris, System and a behind the scenes with the character team. Finally, an all-new short story from Star Citizen writer William Weissbaum! Grab your copy today.

Interested in becoming a development subscriber? You can learn more here.

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Greetings Citizens,

The Holidays are here, and as a special gift to you, we’re offering three exclusive Holiday Game Packages. Each Pack includes a Digital copy of Star Citizen, Digital Game Manual and 60-Month Insurance policy on one of our favorite starter ships, like the versatile Aurora, the chic Mustang or the ever popular Aegis Avenger.

And don’t forget to tune in for our ATV Holiday Special featuring gameplay from Squadron 42, airing on twitch.tv/starcitizen

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Q&A: Tumbril Nova – Part 1

Greetings Citizens,

Following the launch of the Nova, below are some questions and answers to provide more information on this important heavy battle tank from Tumbril. There is also a Spectrum thread where you can post additional questions and vote for the ones you want to see in the second part of the Q&A.

What ships will the Nova fit in?

The Nova is a serious war machine, bigger and more massive than all other ground vehicles introduced to date. One consideration, however, is height as the Nova requires ships with a high ceiling. The Idris, for instance, has ample clearance, but many cargo ships do not.

What size is the main gun?

The Nova’s main gun is equivalent to a S4 Ballistic Cannon, and is integrated into the vehicle’s turret design. While the main gun is not modular, other weapon hardpoints on the tank are interchangeable with weapons of the appropriate size.

Why would I use a tank versus a ship?

It entirely depends on the situation. Both have different strengths and weaknesses. Some areas might have particularly strong aerial defenses, are difficult to traverse by air, or have ground terrain that provides a lot of cover. In this case, the tank is the solution to blast through enemy defenses and open the way to friendly ships.

Ships are a good recon method to help the tank find the best entry points or plan different attack maneuvers. Ships and tanks are complementary as they can be used together to accomplish objectives. In addition, the Nova is also suited to destroy ships.

Can the Nova fire different ammo types like modern-day tanks?

While the Nova tank has...
The Observist: Crusader's Moons, Stanton

Greetings, traveler! With millions of sights to see in the universe, the team at THE OBSERVIST is here to make sure you get the best traveling experience possible.

Stanton System

Discovered a mere forty-four years ago, this system quickly turned into an industrial powerhouse after its four planets were auctioned off to massive corporations. The system’s second planet, a low mass gas giant, was originally considered to be a ‘tough sell’ by the UEE. Rumors at the time indicated that they had even toyed with bundling it together with one of the other planets. However, it was eventually bought by Crusader Industries, as the planet’s iconic floating platforms, originally built by the Navy, provided a unique opportunity to construct large-scale commercial transport ships in an atmosphere. At the time of the purchase, the Terra Gazette called the Stanton II sale the most expensive real estate deal ever done that didn’t involve any real land.

That statement wasn’t completely true. Included in the purchase of the gas giant now known as Crusader were its three moons. No one thought much of the moons when the planet was purchased, but that didn’t stop Crusader CEO Kelly Caplan from devising a plan to utilize them. Encouraging travel on the company’s line of starliners, she wanted tourists to flock to Crusader’s floating platforms for the unique experience of standing in the upper atmosphere of a gas giant, and she hoped to convince them a trip to the planet’s moons would also be worthwhile.

Caplan also let it be known that Crusader welcomed outpost development on these moons. Since space on the floating platforms was extremely limited, they encouraged companies to set up shop on solid ground as another way to increase traffic to their part of the system. Companies...
Welcome to Citizens of the Stars, our new weekly program exclusively about you, the Star Citizen Community. Whether through bug reports on the issue council, feedback on the forums, or the creation of content inspired by the game, Star Citizen is only possible because of the community. Citizens of the Stars not only highlights these contributions, but also puts a dev in the hotseat for a round of Quantum Questions, which addresses some fun facts about the dev and game.

It’s our Season Finale! Will our final Quantum Questions challenger have what it takes to become the first Quantum Champion? Also: SuperMacBrothers discusses what it’s like having your face scanned into the game.

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Greetings Citizens

Ahhh, exciting times!

Just last week, we sent out our Squadron 42 Official UEE announcement newsletter. If you want to stay in the loop, head to our website on Wednesday and subscribe to all of our future Squadron 42 newsletters to never miss out on exclusive information and updates on the game’s progress.

The biggest event this week will without a doubt be our Around the Verse Holiday Special on Thursday, December 21st. Shake the dust off your Christmas Jumper, put on your fluffy slippers and make yourself comfortable in front of the screen when we go live on Twitch at 12 PM PST/8PM UTC. This unique episode will focus on all things Squadron 42 with the latest updates directly from the developers.

With that, let’s see what’s going on this week:

We’ll jumpstart the week before Christmas with the season finale of Citizens of the Stars. Tune in to find out who we crown as the first Quantum Questions champion. Our Quantum Questions guest this week is Jeremiah Lee. We’ll also welcome SuperMacBrothers, who got his faced scanned during CitizenCon and had to shave his glorious beard as a requirement. Has it grown back yet? Find out here.

On Tuesday, the Lore Team expands on the rich history and lore of Star Citizen. Looking for full immersion in our universe? These posts should be on your to-do list!

On Wednesday, we’ll open the sign-up for the Squadron 42 newsletter, so make sure to enlist! “Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is on hiatus this week and will make a return in the new year!

Thursday. 12PM PST/8PM UTC, you know what to do, right? What more can I say? Join us for...