1. Hi everyone. This forum is for many people from many places and countries. Please keep it polite and respect each other :)
    Also, we don't want any discussions regarding religion or politics on this forum. Keep it clean.
I want to make this first post to officially welcome you all to Aurora Borealis, the light that shines up the universe :p

Aurora Borealis is a strong and proud Alliance in the game Star Citizen.
We currently have (as of the post date) 3 organisations.

Asgard (Sweden)
Asgard Consortium (Norway)
Marskin Nyrkki (Finland)

The public forum is here so that any non-members of the this alliance can have a word with us.
Feel free to post in here

To our members registrering new accounts: Apply to your respective organisation group. Look on the image below.

Your org leaders will then process the application. If you haven't been accepted, please contact one of your organisation leaders for help