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Starmap Posters Available!

Greetings Citizens,

Need to get across the galaxy quick? A limited number of printed starmap posters are now on sale! These handsome 23”×34” posters detail Star Citizen’s evolving universe, showing star systems, jump points, alliances, resources and more! The starmap is printed on thick, glossy stock and measures 23 inches by 34 inches. Price includes worldwide shipping, posters will be shipped rolled in a cardboard tube. Estimated ship date is April 2016 (Starmaps for backers who purchased a separate poster earlier in the campaign will ship at the same time.)

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Squadron 42: Meet Andy Serkis

Greetings Citizens,
Parlez-vous Vanduul? Meet Squadron 42’s Andy Serkis and learn about how he is bringing life to the game’s fearsome Vanduul, plus some background on the Vanduul language Citizens will be able to learn for themselves!

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[​IMG]Blade Blueprints
An Important Message from the Transport Safety Board
Embedded Images
[​IMG] [​IMG]
Esperia Vanduul Blade: On Sale Now
Ship Details

The Esperia Blade is a Vanduul design produced by Esperia for military use. The Blade will be available as a concept sale from March 18, 2016 to March 21, 2016. Originally designed as an aggressor for Squadron 42, this Blade sale will allow it to be adapted for human flight in Star Citizen! The Blade is the Vanduul armada’s lightest fighter, focusing on maneuverability over shields and weapons. The Blade is the first concept ship of 2016 and the only additional

Vanduul ship currently being adapted for human flight. Watch for more concept ships from familiar manufacturers starting next month!

About the Blade

With over a quarter-millennia of recorded encounters, the Vanduul Blade is both one of the first of the species’ spacecraft encountered by the United Empire of Earth and one of the most common. A dedicated light fighter and skirmisher, earlier models of the Blade took part in the first raids on Human colonies in Orion. Although aspects of the design have been upgraded over the decades (and like all Vanduul ships, vary slightly from clan to clan) the modern...
Flyable Ship Sale

Greetings Citizens,

We hope you’ve been enjoying the Star Citizen ‘All Ship’ Fly Free event! Your efforts have helped us gain extremely valuable data that will improve ship balancing and other elements of the game in future patches. The Fly Free wraps up on Monday, March 21st… so if you’ve ever wanted to try out a rare ship and haven’t had a chance, now is the time!

To go along with the final days of the Fly Free, we are also making some of the limited edition ships available for sale again. These eight ships will be available in the pledge store through Monday, March 21st. If you’ve ever wanted a speedy M50 or a mighty Retaliator bomber, this is your chance!

Remember: we are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen’s development. The funding generated by sales such as this go directly to the game’s ongoing production. Ships will be available for in-game credits in the final universe, and they are not required to start the game.

UEE Ship Matrix

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Citizen Con 2016

Greetings Citizens

Citizen Con is Cloud Imperium Games’ annual celebration of Star Citizen and the incredible community that is making the game’s development possible. Citizen Con marks the original October 2012 announcement of the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign, and the event has previously been held in Austin, Los Angeles and Manchester. This year, Citizen Con returns to Los Angeles for an action-packed day that will celebrate the latest and greatest work our developers are putting out.

Event Details

Citizen Con 2016 will be held on Sunday October 9th. The event location is the Avalon Hollywood at 1735 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA 90028. Doors open at 2:00 PM with the presentation starting at 3:00 PM.

After the presentation, you’ll have a chance to mingle with the Star Citizen team! The dress code is smart casual (no flip-flops, shorts, or baseball caps.) Drinks will be available for purchase but no food will be available, so be sure to grab a bite to eat before the event! The venue is 21+, and we are unable to admit anyone younger. Paid parking will be available in the lot next door.

Interested in attending Citizen Con 2016? A limited number of tickets will be available Friday, March 18th at 10 AM PDT/5 PM GMT. Tickets for the event will be $45 each; watch this post, tickets will be available here!

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Around the Verse: Episode 2.23 - MR. JONES AND VEGA, TOO.

On this week’s ATV, we sit down with big shot Carl Jones to discuss his work for Star Citizen, and Adam Wieser takes us on a Loremakers Guide to the Vega System.

01:37 – Intro
05:49 – News From Around the Verse
15:13 – ATV Interview Carl Jones
22:25 – ATV Rewind: Arena Commander Launch
24:12 – The Loremaker’s Guide To The Galaxy: Vega
39:27 – MVP (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXhujOWuy9Y)
40:05 – Art Sneak Peek

Gameplay Bumper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UM9maDK4W4

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Bugsmashers! Episode 21
Bugsmashers is legally old enough to drink. WATCH OUT!

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Note from the Chairman: Star Traders

Greetings Citizens,

[​IMG]Ryan was kind enough to render Sandi and I as Star Traders characters [​IMG]One of Ryan's Star Citizen blueprints [​IMG]One of David's many Wing Commander publications
As you know, I like to use this space to highlight crowd funding efforts that I feel are deserving of your attention. Today, I’d like to point you to a project called Star Traders, currently in the midst of its Kickstarter campaign. Another space game? Yes. And like a lot of the games I love, it’s set in a distant future filled with starships, intergalactic trading and epic heroes. Unlike other projects I’ve written about, though, Star Trades doesn’t’ need an overclocked CPU or the hottest graphics card… because it’s a board game!

Star Traders follows the grand tradition of games like Risk and Solarquest by aiming straight at the heart of good game design: it’s simple to play but frustratingly difficult to master. The game is designed to function at a number of different levels, with the end result being a range of game types that will appeal to every skill level. With the most basic rule set, Star Trader can be enjoyed in an hour by all ages, while using the most complex options can make for the kind of legendary all-night game sessions that define the hobby.

Many of you already know the Star Citizen connection: the game’s creators, David Ladyman and Ryan Archer, have done master-class work in helping create our ‘Verse these past three years. David has been...
New United Presents

[ Applause ]

Welcome back. I’m Rachel Yevin, reporter for the New United and the moderator of tonight’s Jalan Electoral Debate. All three senatorial candidates are vying for the vacancy created in Elysium following the retirement of Atsuki Evan, a Centralist who has been a Senator for over six decades.

Before the break, we promised Mr. Marigold a quick rebuttal to the question about the UEE’s war strategy. Mr. Marigold?

Sakae Marigold ( T ): We can all agree that protecting our Empire is of the utmost importance, but last week the Senate voted to eliminate social programs to do it. These programs included Equivalency-aid, poverty outreach, public housing assistance and much more. The loss of these programs will potentially affect millions. If this Empire is truly dedicated to defeating the Vanduul, then we must find a way to finance the war without disproportionately affecting those in the greatest need of government help, like Jalan’s many Tevarin.

Let’s go back to Mr. Kossi. As both a decorated Navy veteran and a Tevarin, how would you have voted on the UEE’s latest wartime spending bill?

Suj Kossi ( U ): Well Rachel, first, I believe we can properly protect this Empire and service the needs of the Tevarin people simultaneously. That said, we can do a better job on both issues, and I would dedicate myself to making improvements on both fronts.

Throughout my tours of service, I have proven my dedication to the safety and security of this great Empire, and am a firm supporter of Admiral Bishop’s war strategy. When elected Senator, I will vote in favor of policies that keep us on the offensive. I know firsthand that you can’t sit back and let the ’duul dictate the tempo of the battlefield. It is only through aggressive action that we will eradicate the Vanduul threat from...